Monthly Archives: September 2009

Keeping a secret

For 30 plus years we couldn’t talk about Batcat and flying missions in the EC-121R. As time went on I looked in book stores and libraries for information about Igloo White, Batcat, EC-121Rs, McNamara’s Fence, Ho Chi Mong Trail, Recon in Vietnam and whatever title I could give it. Over time I got a little […]

Waking Up in Korat

After a 27 hour flight aboard a C-141 Starlifter and with stops in Alaska and Tokyo we finally landed at Korat RTAF around 2:00 am Korat time. We had left Otis AFB sometime in the morning in October 1967 and the temperature was in the 30s F. At Korat it was hot and humid and […]

Welcome to batcat121

Welcome. This is a blog about Batcats and memories about serving in SEA, South East Asia, during the Vietnam War. Batcats are getting older now so we enjoy thinking and talking about our times at Korat RTAFB, flying the EC-121Rs, working on the EC-121Rs, or supporting the mission of the EC-121Rs. Hope all Batcats will […]