Keeping a secret

For 30 plus years we couldn’t talk about Batcat and flying missions in the EC-121R. As time went on I looked in book stores and libraries for information about Igloo White, Batcat, EC-121Rs, McNamara’s Fence, Ho Chi Mong Trail, Recon in Vietnam and whatever title I could give it. Over time I got a little info here and a little info there and finally found Larry’s Batcat web page on the Internet. It was then that I knew I could talk about it if and when I wanted to.

I had lost track of the people I served with over those years but that made it easier to keep the secret because I couldn’t talk to anyone else about it. Now I think about those people I served with, which is now 40 plus years ago, and wonder what has happened to them since we served as Batcats. I wish them all well and hope it has been a good 40 plus years.



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