Monthly Archives: October 2009

Don’t talk much about this

Many of my Batcat brothers have become Christian believers over the years. This is their faith and spiritual quest, but not one I share. I believe that America’s constitution is a wonderful document and a reason to fight for America because of the freedoms it gives us. One of which is the freedom of religious […]

Faces without names

There are many faces I remember but don’t remember those face’s names. People that lived in the same barracks I did and ate at the chow hall and saw around Korat RTAFB. But no names. My mind cannot come up with their names. Maybe I’ll get to see them and I can ask them their […]

The beers here

I remember the weekly beer deliveries we got at Korat RTAFB. They came in a C-141 and then were delivered to the Sawadee Club, NCO Club and Officers Club. We waved at the tractor driver as he drove the shipment to the various clubs. I remember cold beer was 10 cents a can at the […]

An egg sandwich at the Sawadee Club

My first egg sandwich at the Sawadee Club was a surprise. It was on white bread with mayo, dill pickles and of course a fried egg. That combination surprised me but I became fond of those egg sandwiches. Especially when they were having hot dogs at the chow hall again. I couldn’t eat a hot […]