Don’t talk much about this

Many of my Batcat brothers have become Christian believers over the years. This is their faith and spiritual quest, but not one I share.

I believe that America’s constitution is a wonderful document and a reason to fight for America because of the freedoms it gives us. One of which is the freedom of religious choice.

One thing that sparked my interest and curiosity while serving at Korat RTAFB and flying the EC-121R was Buddhism. I visited many temples while stationed in Thailand and saw many statues of Buddha. Some were covered in gold leaf and it made me wonder why a people that were generally so poor would spend money to cover the Buddha in gold leaf.

So while many have become Christian I have become Buddhist. I wish peace, happiness, and all best wishes to my Christian brothers and sisters and hope Willy is in that better place.

I don’t talk much about religion because I believe it is such a personal choice and one that is not easy to make. I tried to become a Christian more than once but it doesn’t fit me or work for me. So this is my personal choice. The Buddha does work for me. Am I a prefect Buddhist? No, I’m not a perfect anything.

I’m just a man who has struggled with life and living and had major battles with anxiety and depression all my life. I use to drink to feel better because that was all I knew. Now I take medication that really works and if I do drink the drinking messes up the good work of the medicine so I stay away from drinking.

I do find solace in the Buddha though. I have many little laughing Buddhas in my study where I am writing this post. Laughing Buddha helps me get though the day and I’m very happy I found the Buddha in that far away place called Thailand.

Peace and joy,


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